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Jbl 4429 review

Remember Me? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: My new JBL My new JBL Hallo! Wow, I must say, great sounding speakers. Horn sound is, well, horn sound just sounds nice. I just connected it about two hours ago. Sounds allready good. Break-in don't know what this mean Fantastic speakers and job well done JBL. Attached Images. They do look great and if the sound is there too, why buy worn older speakers?

Originally Posted by Mctwins.

JBL 4425 Floorstanding Speakers

I love my I like that big white subwoofer. Very nice setup, wish I could have a listen! Originally Posted by hjames. Originally Posted by audiomagnate. Originally Posted by bubbleboy Originally Posted by gferrell. I bought it from an authorized dealer here in Sweden. Really don't undertand why you folks from US can't buy it.

JBL 4429 12″ 3-way Compression Driver Loudspeaker

Don't understand what you mean by "why buy worn older speakers? No no - it was a compliment - if you can buy nice new speakers like this, why would anyone buy old speakers instead I like this No High-End.

Very nice. They look great, and probably sound even better!Read Here. At the Harman Store the L Classic sounded more tonally saturated, more fleshed out and bolder. Meanwhile the JBL was tonally cooler, more immediate and dynamics kicked harder. It had more spring in its step and its energy levels were higher.

The momentum came through more completely. The L Classic makes plenty of bass, but the tactile quality of the sound is much reduced. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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jbl 4429 review

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. JBL Paragon. This review first appeared in the December issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland.

You can also read it in its original Polish version here. We publish its English translation in a mutual syndication arrangement with publisher Wojciech Pacula. As is customary for our own articles, the writer's signature at review's end shows an e-mail address should you have questions or wish to send feedback. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that this rather short period of my life would so much influence my thinking and turn out to be so enriching.

Even a dozen years later I still draw on these experiences. The theatre stage and auditorium were equipped with speakers from the same manufacturer as well as by JBL for the side towers.

While the latter looked normal again—hornloaded tweeters but otherwise classic cabinets—the main speakers were unlike anything else used at the time. They were powerful twin enclosure designs. The subwoofer unit sported four 30cm woofers in a sealed enclosure, the other unit was equipped with a midrange driver loaded into a massive horn over a meter long and a tweeter loaded into an only slightly smaller horn.

What's more, the stage monitors used 36cm drivers with a centrally placed horn tweeter. Such designs were unique then when most PA systems were based on small integrated units like those from JBL. From a young age he showed an interest in DIY and radios. Little did he know then that his life would become so associated with transducers that for many his initials would forever be synonymous with speakers.

It all started in when Western Electric created a department to provide support and design of speakers and electronics for movie theaters. By WE sold its shares in this department. A year later they were bought out by a group of their own engineers. Those gave it a new name, Altec Service Company Altec as in 'all technical'. The company did well but to grow needed production facilities to manufacture its own products.

For this purpose it purchased Lansing Manufacturing Co. Now they changed their name to Altec Lansing. After a short time they were awarded a government contract for the development of magnetic detectors for U.

The research in that field resulted in the Alnico V magnet material that would also find use in loudspeakers. There he founded Lansing Manufacturing Company to produce car speakers. To continue expansion, his company then moved to New York by October 6 th of the same year saw the premier of The Jazz Singer.Remember Me? Page 8 of 9 First Thread: My new JBL Originally Posted by watchnerd. I don't mean to be rude by making a necro of this 2 year old thread, but OP are you still enjoying the ?

I'm considering getting a pair. I have 10hs aprox. How many hs. Originally Posted by mati Thank you! Today maybe i can ad another 10 hs for complete 25hs aprox. Just leave them playing all the time but lowered gain at night, etc. That's what I always do and it gets the break-in done faster.

Grats on the new speakers! I saw in many reviews, " The bass is tight and clean" I suppose that after hours it should be more deep?

I love a deep bass. The bass-reflex tuning is around 50Hz, if I remember correctly. But it is very very tight bass.

jbl 4429 review

Wonderful speaker. Hi haven't posted here for a very long time, but since I bought some a year ago I can help I found that the speakers needed a very long breaking in. When they where new, I found the midrange and treble to be quite recessed. Over time, the compression drivers get broken in and the overall balance improved.

Still the treble remains very soft and never agressive. The bass level doesn't really change over time.

jbl 4429 review

The bass is not deep, as other people pointed out, it is very tight. Nevertheless it really depends on the recording, you'll often hear deep bass anyway. As with any speaker, depends from the acoustic of your room and placement. Very neutral and dynamic. Originally Posted by Mr. Rooms, room placement and amps will all affect this.

The MC would not be my first choice for deep and tight bass. But SE had more deep bass with same mc Replies: 46 Last Post:AM. Replies: 52 Last Post:AM.

All times are GMT Remember Me?

B&W 805 D3 vs JBL 4429 (English subtitled)

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Hi all, first time poster here, so please be patient of my JBL ignorance. After a few decades using Martin Logan electrostats and Dynaudio dynamic speakers, I've decided I want to make a change in my main living room speakers. For those not familiar, the LSR is an active speaker with a 5" woofer and a soft dome tweeter mounted to a wave guide.

While still budget speakers, I was impressed with their performance for the price, particularly their dispersion, soundstaging, and impactful dynamics.

I realized that my current living room speakers have been weak in the areas that JBLs seem to be good: the electrostats have low distortion and great resolution, but limited dynamic impact. The Dynaudios have great tonal balance, good imaging, unfatiguing, but start to sound compressed at higher volumes.

I'm now really interested in getting that JBL sound in my medium sized living room about 14' x 20', carpeted, concrete slab floor. Digital is streaming from Roon to AppleTV. Music is everything: jazz, blues, classical, opera classic rock, some pop or world. I'm really attracted to both the new studio monitor series the blues ones sold mostly outside North America as well as vintage models.

The seem really interesting, but wondering if they're too big for my room. Also like the looks of themight be a better size for my room, but also wondering if they're going to have serious low-end or loudness limits given their size and 2-way nature. In contrast, there is a bewildering selection of vintage JBLs out there Long prelude aside: Are the new blue "studio monitors" sold in Europe and Asia regarded as better, similar, or inferior to their vintage counterparts?

And which vintage models should I be looking at for a medium size room? As you say, there is a huge diverse range of JBL speakers for sale - one thing to do is decide on a price range you want stay with Can we presume you are staying with 2 channel systems?

Originally Posted by hjames. Originally Posted by watchnerd. That being said, some of the more expensive models might be too large for the room.

Originally Posted by Mr. Do you mean aesthetically? I have a pair of DDs in a room approximately the same size as yours. Visually, they certainly make their presence known. Sonically they fit in just right. Below is a thread comparing the to the Array new versus old as per your thread title.

Have a look see for a wide variety of opinions on the subject. Also, have you considered the L? There is at least one nice pair for sale here by one of our members. Originally Posted by Ed Zeppeli. As for the L I hadn't heard of that at all. It looks huge from the pictures!

What are its best features? You will find a review of the by other forum members using the search function The newer blue baffle series have the characteristic JBL house sound but are high resolution than the earlier vintage designs by virtue of improvement in driver design and technology.Got plenty of room and cash? Try these two new JBL studio monitors, the JBL and - both of which are designed to bring professional-grade performance to the home.

The s use the D2 driver technology derived from JBL's M2 Master Reference Monitor, and aim to deliver extended high frequency response to 40kHz and keep distortion to a minimum, even at high volumes.

MORE: Best stereo speakers. JBL has also utilised its new High-Definition Imaging HDI waveguide, which aims to deliver a neutral frequency response on and off-axis, and claims a seamless frequency blend with the woofer.

The woofer from the M2s has been upgraded, employing a new cone material, plus dual 75mm voice coils and neodymium motor structures. The speakers are an update to the firm's studio monitors, which were first introduced in Improvements have been made to the 19mm and 50mm titanium compression drivers. They also benefit from a new crossover and woofer, which, combined with the improved cabinet, aim to deliver quick, tight bass.

Both sets of speakers will be available next month. As for the price? MORE: 12 of the best hi-fi speakers.

JBL 4429. Anyone with experience?

See all our speaker reviews. What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

MORE: 12 of the best hi-fi speakers See all our speaker reviews.This review is one of the first, if not the first, review of this product in the world. The goal that was set when designing these speakers was simple: using solutions developed for M2 Master Reference Monitor, which is JBL's reference model of studio monitors, deliver sound of similar quality but at more affordable price. Today that's a top model of Studio Monitor line, replacing Model And added: "With the introduction of thehome listeners everywhere can enjoy listening to music exactly as the artists, producers and engineers intended it to be heard, from a loudspeaker that truly excels in every sonic respect.

Model is a two-way speakers with a bass-reflex cabinet. They are huge measuring mm H mm W and mm D. They also weight impressive 62 kg a piece!

They sport steel cone-shape feet that should be placed directly on the floor. The front baffle already says a lot about the design: near the top edge there is a large horn with mid- highrange driver, and below there is a mighty mm woofer with paper membrane sporting neodymium magnet and a double motor system.

Just as Mr Garrett said, JBL with this model introduces a studio monitor to home usage — there are the same drivers with slight modifications with passive and not active crossover. Most of the speakers I review in my room perform best placed in exactly the same spots measurements refer to the front baffle and the center of the tweeter : cm from the back wall, cm apart and cm from listening spot I mean me.

I found the best performance in terms of tonal balance and palpability of the sound when tweeters were pointing directly at me — in my room that's a rule for all loudspeakers with wide front baffles.

These speakers are really heavy and using spikes so I can't really imaging setting them up with less than 3 people involved. In my opinion JBL's Monitor line speakers sound best when driven with a high power amplifiers. Japanese disagree and most of them use a low-power SET amps—I admire them for it. It is one of the choices but, in my opinion, it limits the scale of the sound, its dynamics and also a solid soundstage.

So I guess that a high quality 30W tube amp capable of delivering large current to the speakers should do a great job with And yet, I would still recommend as much power as you can provide. Model are the biggest JBL speakers I listened to at home. I also know but from different presentation Everest, and K2 models.

There is one thing I can tell you from the bottom of my heart—JBL's decision to continue the great legacy of studio monitors adapted for home usage was a wonderful gift for music fans. We should all thank Japanese who never abandoned the concept of horn speakers with large woofers, because projects like "Monitor" and "Everest" are still alive and well thanks to them. Another observation I made regarding size of JBL's speakers in relation to the size of the room they are supposed to be used in.

Long story short—size of the room doesn't matter. I couldn't believe that people put huge, also vintage JBL loudspeakers in rooms of a size of a shoe box. I always thought it was about some sort of fetish for them, but I was wrong! Today I know that even the Everest DD would perform in my room remarkably. The point is that sound of JBLs is scalable. One uses small in terms of JBL size monitors, say, Modelto receive a rich, full, dense sound.

Finally one replaces them with Model and everything gets even richer and bigger.

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